Alexa Dexa is an electroacoustic composer-performer / crip xXgrandmacoreXx sound witch creating rituals that honor Disabled brilliance and belonging. Using sound as a tool of transformative care, they dream and manifest aleatoric, indeterminate, and improvisatory works for voice, an ever-expanding collection of toy instruments to rival a playpen, found sounds, pre-programmed electronic sequences, live electronic processing, and live coding.

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  • Nest·ling
    noun: nestling; plural noun: nestlings
    1. a bird that is too young to leave its nest.

    gerund or present participle: nestling
    1. settle or lie comfortably within or against something


    “Alexa Dexa’s musical manifestations evoke a dream-like quality. The way she renders a familiarity to strangeness with the tones she tills from her “toychestra,” can cause an imagery of the innocent, the impossible, and the sublime. It is her blend of the mesmeric, the sweet, and the darkly atmospheric, that suggests a shared artistic DNA with Detroit-based production company Gold House Media with whom Dexa collaborated with to produce this video for Nestlingthe single off of her album, Year of Abandon.” – Jeff Milo, Playground Detroit

    Read the Q & A about the making of Nestling HERE.

  • Little jewelry beads with different colored alphabet letters spell out crip ritual invite list. A beeswax candle and a serpentine crystal stand sentry to the right and a crown of feverfew flowers arcs over the lot on a pastel pink background.
  • In textured pink, the words shaping sound worlds are drawn in bold and wiggly letter shapes. Beneath are 3 pink triangles. The background is a multicolored glitch art of muted pastel rainbow colors with blues at the top fading into lighter greens over a bold magenta line and a yellow block of color towards the bottom.
  • After hours spent hiding my knees beneath a cloud-like landscape sculpted from my luminous pink dress and floating desk bells while the zany crew at Gold House Media filmed and tried to prompt my legs not to succumb to permanent pins & needles, and countless more hours that Director Natasha Beste spent weaving dreamlike skips and animations through the minimalist footage, we’re finally thrilled to announce the official release of my debut music video for “Leave”, a fan-favorite from my debut album “a symphony of band-aids for the visionary wound”.

    Some love for “Leave” from The Joy of Violent Movement:

    The recently released official video continues the young singer/songwriter’s reputation for striking dichotomy. The video filmed by Gold House Media and directed by Natasha Beste features Alexa Dexa on her knees in a luminous and billowing pink dress, which makes her and her bells seem as though they’re floating. Quick edits and spliced animated sequences evoke a dream-like logic, which helps further heighten the song’s ethereal, fever-dream like feel.

    “Leave” is a single that she’s performed countless times and it appears on her debut full-length effort, a symphony of band-aids for the visionary wound, and the single is comprised of swirling 8 bit bloops and bleeps, chiming bells and Alexa Dexa’s effortlessly soulful jazz-like vocals. At the very core of the song is an urgent, obsessive desire — the sort that makes parting from a lover seem like the worst, most unendurable pain on earth.

  • A brightly saturated yellow semi-trapezoid meets the top right edges of a glitch art background, a little less than half of which is covered in soft pink and a little more than half of which is covered in baby blue. The right edge is a thick line of glitched out color shifting - deep yellow/oranges inside the semi-trapezoid to darker pinks to purples. In thick ghostly, vibrating, and airy hand-drawn lettering is the album title visitations, slowly slanting from the pink background to the tip of the blue background. Visitations is colored in with crayons in bright and shifting greens and yellows, greens and pinks, yellows and creams, creams and pinks, and darker pinks. Each letter with its own color variation. Slanting downwards on the blue background in the same style is the name alexa dexa colored in with crayons in pastel pinks and purples with cream colored bits.
  • A blue moon surrounded by a cosmic halo that doubles also as the Greek evil eye is centered on a pink background with purple blue strands twisting and turning, the water over a paint palette, textured swirling. In golden handwritten script on the bottom left is the text "bewitch yourself".
  • In May of 2014 I was performing in Oslo, Norway on my first European tour when Oystein Kind of At The Loft Records approached me about doing a video session for my song “Slingshot”, which I later released on “Year of Abandon”.

    It was at this video session that I learned from Oystein and his mixing engineer Jonas Kjolstad that Norwegians can acquire prescriptions from their doctors to vacation in Barcelona in cases of seasonal depression. (I can only imagine the hardships Scandinavian winters harbor as the middle of May brought hail and 32 degree weather and had me longing for gloves to keep my fingers from frosting over while carrying my toy piano around town.) Here was my view of Oslo during this discovery from the roof of At The Loft Records.


the sounds are pure angelic heavenry drifting from the very old metal bars these felted wooden toy piano hammers majestically ring when i press the keys. nothing to me is more gorgeous than these shimmering bell tones. there is so much space for wonderment here!

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