Alexa Dexa is a multifaceted artist with footholds in composition, electronic sound design, and performance. Her toychestral electronic pop solo project parades her floating vocals, handcrafted soundscapes, and enough instruments made with children in mind to rival a playpen. Among her growing collection are her beloved toy pianos, pitched desk bells, and typatune.

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  • After hours spent hiding my knees beneath a cloud-like landscape sculpted from my luminous pink dress and floating desk bells while the zany crew at Gold House Media filmed and tried to prompt my legs not to succumb to permanent pins & needles, and countless more hours that Director Natasha Beste spent weaving dreamlike skips and animations through the minimalist footage, we’re finally thrilled to announce the official release of my debut music video for “Leave”, a fan-favorite from my debut album “a symphony of band-aids for the visionary wound”.

    Some love for “Leave” from The Joy of Violent Movement:

    The recently released official video continues the young singer/songwriter’s reputation for striking dichotomy. The video filmed by Gold House Media and directed by Natasha Beste features Alexa Dexa on her knees in a luminous and billowing pink dress, which makes her and her bells seem as though they’re floating. Quick edits and spliced animated sequences evoke a dream-like logic, which helps further heighten the song’s ethereal, fever-dream like feel.

    “Leave” is a single that she’s performed countless times and it appears on her debut full-length effort, a symphony of band-aids for the visionary wound, and the single is comprised of swirling 8 bit bloops and bleeps, chiming bells and Alexa Dexa’s effortlessly soulful jazz-like vocals. At the very core of the song is an urgent, obsessive desire — the sort that makes parting from a lover seem like the worst, most unendurable pain on earth.

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The Watermill Center - where I'm currently applying for an artist residency to make compositions by way of... fb.me/4BtKWJ6H1

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