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Alexa Dexa is a multifaceted artist with footholds in composition, electronic sound design, and performance. Her toychestral electronic pop solo project parades her floating vocals, handcrafted soundscapes, and enough instruments made with children in mind to rival a playpen. Among her growing collection are her beloved toy pianos, pitched desk bells, and typatune.

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    UnCaged Toy Piano Fe...

    The UnCaged Toy Piano Festival is an event that is really dear to my heart. As the...

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    Not To Be Toyed With...

    September 4th – October 3rd, 2013 The Stops: Philly, where I hopped off the Megabus and straight...

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    Sidewalk Festival of...

    I met Ryan Johnson, the powerhouse woman behind Sidewalk, at Detroit Soup on my little piano//Big Mouth tour....

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  • Make Music NY 2013 set the scene for the debut of my composition “Spottings on Safari” for two to an infinite number of toy pianos and 1 CD player.

    Inspired by the chance operations and indeterminacy of the works of John Cage, Spottings on Safari is created with the intention of providing children and adults with the opportunity to perform together while opening their horizons to the available composition techniques and performance choices outside the conventional parameters of concert music. Toy musical instruments can be more than just toys and radios can be more than just appliances lacking the potential for informed musical thought. They sport their own collection of idiosyncrasies and uniquely valid soundscapes, which Alexa Dexa seeks to explore and exercise in Spottings on Safari. The outcome is a subtle irony between the maturity of the compositional technique and its innate childish affability.

    Watch here.

    The debut took place in Sakura Park.                                                                                                                                   Toy Pianists: Allison Tartalia, Graham Wolff, Hyeree Cha, Kyle Maxwell-Doherty, Masaya Ozaki, Megan Hofreiter, and Tristan McKay.                                                                                                                                            CD Player: Alexa Dexa

    Sponsored by Schoenhut Piano Company.

  • Between July 8th & August 7th, 2013, you will have the opportunity to help fund and bring to life my upcoming album & art book entitled “a bedtime anthology”.

    To learn about & contribute to this project inspired by the age-old tradition of reading bedtime stories to children, click here!

    Did I mention that some of the rewards include a recording of me playing a custom phrase of your choice on my typatune?

My first time busking in NYC was lovely! Really humbled by the charming people I connected with mid-commute! Plus... fb.me/43NBxoK9y

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